Are Electric Blankets Waterproof? – Protect From Water

When my electric blanket got wet, I was worried because water could damage the electric heating system in the blanket. After that, are electric blankets waterproof? Was the first question in my mind, and I searched so many things about it and prepared a helpful post about it, including many details.

Are electric blankets waterproof? Electric blankets are made as waterproof to protect the electric system from wetting. It has protected with a specially woven cloth heating element and the form of an insulated wire. Hence electricity will not leak when it gets wet while it plugged into the power supply.

But you should pay attention to some factors when you are using an electric blanket. So it is better to refer this guide until end.

How are Electric Blankets Made as Waterproof?

The electric blanket consists of three main components. Those are;

  • A specially woven cloth called a shell.
  • The heating element in the form of an insulated wire.
  • A bedside control and power cord.

➤ The shell is made by using a blend of polyester and acrylic, which has been formulated for the industry.

➤ The wiring is made by a positive temperature coefficient material. It is heat-producing and heat sensitive along its entire length. Therefore, eliminating the need for thermostats. This is special wiring for this product. It is encased in an insulated jacket made of a proprietary blend of plastic.

➤ The bedside control and power cord – Made of a combination of plastic and metal materials.

➤ Basically, the coil in the electric blanket is covered by thermal insulation, so the heating system of an undamaged electric blanket is waterproof. But the fabric cover of the blanket will absorb water like a normal blanket.

➤ The waterproof electric blanket is manufactured with a noiseless waterproof barrier fused between two layers of soft coral wool.

➤ Some of the blankets are made of premium polyester with cotton padding and it will help to waterproof of blanket.

Breathability and Waterproofness of Electric Blankets

First, if we examine the meaning of the word breathability; it means how much the fabric allows air and moisture to pass through it.

Poorly breathable fabrics can accumulate heat or moisture in the microenvironment inside.

Generally, electric blankets like this are often used in countries or regions with a high cold environment. Therefore, after the electric blanket is activated, the heat generated in it leaks out, the manufacturers work to finish this blanket with a fabric with minimum breathability. Or the heat flows out too quickly, making it difficult to get the desired benefit.

The system of electric blanket is made as waterproof. Otherwise, water enters the system (coil and wire) an electric shock may occur from the system. But the fabric part of the blanket is not waterproof.

Types of Waterproof Electric Blankets

There are two types of electric blankets. They are;

  1. Under blanket
  2. Over blanket.

Under blankets act a bit like mattress toppers. It is also available in the market as an elastic band or attached sheet so that you can secure them to your bed.

On the other hand, over blankets are warmer than under blankets. You can use them on the sofa or even at your desk, making them a more versatile choice.

An electric blanket can also come with extra legs and different heat zones and heat settings.

The size of the blanket affects this. Most twin or top blankets have left and right zones, so settings can be customized if there are two people in a bed. Dual controls allow you to set settings at night without disturbing the other person. Therefore, it is the best choice for a home office worker.

With the advancement of technology, the products that come to the market for the convenience of the consumer are designed to avoid the problems that may arise. So, you might be skeptical that this might be a bit unsafe.

Electric Blankets and Heated Blanket Differences

The main difference is that all electric blankets are heated blankets. But not all heated blankets are electric blankets.

Electric BlanketHeated Blanket
Shape and designsIt comes in many shapes and designsIt comes in many shapes and designs
Power usageUsing the electricity✔ Some are powered by corded.
✔ Some are powered by battery
Risk levelHave a little bit of risk levelHas not
EfficiencyEfficientWill heat quickly for as much as you want. ✔ They aren’t as efficient.
✔ Have a limited time span of being warm enough
PricePrice is higher than a heated blanketCheaper than an electric blanket.
Differences between electric blanket and heated blanket.

My Electric Blanket Got Wet – What Should I Do Next?

If your electric blanket gets wet, you should follow these two steps.

  1. First, you should disconnect the blanket from the electricity.
  2. Keep away from the bed
  3. Clean the wetness (juice or any liquid)
  4. Then keep until it dry.

But the most important thing to be concerned about is that the wires in this blanket should not be exposed to high temperatures that will damage the heat conducting wires.

Never dry clean or iron the electric blanket.

Can I use a Damaged Electric Blanket?

You should not use a damaged electric blanket without any proper checking. Becuase there is a possibility to electric shocking. So you should check the electric blanket properly before you use it.

You should check for

  • The damaged wire or element,
  • Burn marks on the blanket and any other signs of damage mark of your blanket.

And also do not use any wetted electric blanket because if the electric system has damaged you can have an electric shock due to the wet condition of the blanket.

If the damage done can be repaired, then it can be used, but if it cannot be repaired, then don’t use the electric balnket.

If you use the electric blanket better, you can usually use the blanket for 10 years. But it is advisable to have a suitable electrician check the condition of the blanket every 2 years.

For better use of electric blankets, you must follow those few tips.

  • It should always lay flat to avoid excessive heat build-up (Overheating).
  • And nothing should go on top of the blanket. Because the weight can trap in the heat and damage the coils inside the blanket.
  • And, of course, never leave the blanket on when it’s not in use.
  • So, the next best step is to buy a product that automatically shuts off even if you forget.

If you feel that the heat is not evenly distributed or the blanket is discolored in some places, it is best to buy a new electric blanket.

Can I Use an Electric Blanket Outside?

You can use an electric blanket outside if there is a power source or battery. Power source should be 120V – 220V and battery should be 12V-24V.

In general, using an electric blanket all night is not recommended.

An electric blanket has a power of between 100 and 150 watts. If you use an electric blanket correctly, it doesn’t actually consume as much power as the above.

Can You Wash an Electric Blanket?

You can wash an electric blanket and you should pay your attention to below factors.

  • You can easily wash most types of electric blankets.
  • But after washing, the blanket should not be plugged in until it is completely dry. Otherwise, it may be dangerous.
  • However, because the cables or coils are thermally insulated, frequent washing should be avoided.
  • But if it is dirty, the blanket can be machine washed in a washing machine set to the delicate cycle at 85 degrees Fahrenheit (30 degrees Celsius) with a suitable mild detergent according to the manufacturer’s manual
  • But the blanket must be washed according to the manual provided by the manufacturer. Because in some cases, during the period of using this blanket, washing using a machine should be limited only for a limited number of times. In such cases you can gently hand wash.
  • Make sure to remove the cord, remotes, and any other attachments of the blanket.

Who Should not Use an Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets can raise a person’s core temperature. Therefore, it can be dangerous for pregnant womens. Research has shown that it can increase the risk of miscarriage. So, if you are pregnant, talk to your doctor before using an electric blanket.

And this temperature change can adversely affect some health conditions. If you are an adult, consult your doctor first. Then make yourself comfortable by using an electric blanket.

Or if you must use an electric blanket, use the blanket to warm your bed and remove it before going to bed at night. It will be a step to ensure your safety.

So, let’s now look at the points that should be considered when using electric blankets.

Can an Electric Blanket Overheat?

Electric blankets will not overheat because it has an auto-shutoff setting, which will turn off the blanket after a certain period of time. So, the risk of accidents is reduced.

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