Are Electric Blankets Waterproof? – Protect From Water

When my electric blanket got wet, I was worried because water could damage the electric heating system in the blanket. After that, are electric blankets waterproof? Was the first question in my mind, and I searched so many things about it and prepared a helpful post about it, including many …

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Do Waterproof Cases Overheat Phones? – (Solved)

When I use my phone underwater for the first time, it was an amazing experience. First, I had to put the phone into the fully sealed casing. When I put it, I had so many questions. Among them, do waterproof cases overheat phones? was the major one. I could find …

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Waterproof Phone Case vs. Pouch: Which is Safer?

Mobile phones can be used wide area. When you use it underwater, you have to protect it from water leaking inside.¬†Hence you have to a use waterproof case or pouch to protect the phone under water. So when you select one of these among waterproof phone case and pouch, what …

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How Long is a Waterproofing Warranty? -Includes – Excludes

If you need to have a waterproofing warranty, you should hire some skilled service. It is useless to have a warranty only for the products. So I can assist you in explaining what are the warranty include and exclude. Normally, a waterproofing warranty exists about 10 years. According to that, …

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17 Reasons for Waterproofing Failure – [With Solutions]

Last 05 years I could observe so many failures in waterproofing membranes. Most of the failures are in domestic. And also, there are so many reasons I could find, why it failed. Here I have listed all 17 reasons and solutions in detail reasons for waterproofing failure People follow the …

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[05 Reasons] Why Should You Waterproof the Bathtub Floor?

Bathtub placing is one of the major processes in bathroom construction. Waterproofing the bathtub floor prevents many problems with water leaking. Damp, stain and biological growth are a few of them. More than that, there are some reasons you should aware. So let’s see why you should waterproof the bathroom …

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water tank waterproofing

How to Waterproof the Water Tank? (Concrete | Brick)

A water tank is common storage in the house. It can be constructed with concrete as well as bricks covering the plasters. However, when the times come, it will be leaking due to the loosening of the internal bonding. Because of this, we need to waterproof the water tank to …

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Blindside Waterproofing: [Methods, Products, Testing]

We need to do construction below the ground level. When the ground level is increased, the water pressure also increases. Therefore water can penetrate the wall. To stop this process, we need to do blindside waterproofing. The blindside is the exterior side of the wall. Blindside waterproofing is done before …

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How to Do Wood Waterproofing? – [07 Easy Steps]

Wood is an invaluable resource on earth. I think you may have seen it when the wood is directly open to the water. It can be decay, swelling, and buckling. To protect the wood from the water, it should be waterproof. There are so many ways to waterproof the woods. …

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Is Epoxy Waterproof? – [Best Option]

Epoxy, also known as polyepoxides, is an abundantly used material in construction nowadays. There are many types of epoxies with different characteristics. Normally, epoxies are transparent and not solved in water. Hence we can use it outside. When using outside, we must consider is epoxy resin waterproof?. Epoxy is a …

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[7 Steps] – How to Waterproof the Balcony?

Waterproofing the balcony is an essential thing to protect the enthusiasm of the building. We can use concrete or wood for construction. Normally balcony is in an open area. Hence it can get wet with rain and heat with sunlight. Due to this, its material can be cracked. During the …

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How to Waterproof the Basement? – [In | Out | Drainage]

Foundation is the basement of the structure. It should be strong and durable. With water, it can be damaged highly, and there are many ways to waterproof the basement for both new houses as well as already constructed houses. With my experience, I can line up step-by-step how to protect …

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