Go-Pro or iPhone for Underwater Photography?

It is a cool idea to buy a GoPro or iPhone for underwater photography. It is a wise investment. So Go Pro is a camera with many features, and the iPhone is a high-performance mobile phone. The same task is only imaged capturing and videography. So let’s check which is good for underwater photography.

In fact, GoPro is perfect for underwater (10m), above water and outdoor activities, photography and videography, but iPhone is suitable for above water photography and videography. GoPro has higher stabilization, image, video quality, high waterproof, easy to handle and lower cost than iPhone.

When you buy a GoPro or iPhone, you must know their performance related to photography and videography with their capabilities underwater. So let’s see what you should invest in step by step.

Go Pro Vs iPhone

Go-pro and iPhone for underwater photography
Go-pro and iPhone for underwater photography

When we consider both devices, we may know what a GoPro is and what an iPhone is?.

GoPro is a camera, and the iPhone is a mobile phone that is with lots of features. So when you buy one of them you should understand your requirements and needs clearly.

When we need a high-quality camera for a better price, we may select one of these. As you are well aware, iPhone cameras are high quality. It can film professional level. So your iPhone can cover all images and videos you need. iPhone consists of suitable editing software and other necessary software also.

When we consider the GoPro, It is just a camera. But it is high quality. Normally GoPro can be used in any environmental conditions that you are in.

GoPro does not provide any editing tool. It can capture photos and videos. So you have to use another software to edit them.

If you wish to buy a better camera for a lower price, I think you had a better look for one of these. Check the system specification for this.

Go Pro Hero 10iPhone 13 Pro
Image quality23MP12MP
Immerse Depth10m6m
Weight154g 174g
Wide-angleYes Ultra-wide
StabilityHyper smooth 4.0Optimal Image Stabilization
External LightsTo be addedYes
Image Resolution5312 x29883840×2160 
Frame Rate6024
Need External HousingNo (Upto 10)No (Upto 6m)
Video Resolution5.3K4K
Image video capturing specs for GoPro and iPhone 13 Pro

User Experience of GoPro and iPhone

When using one of these devices, we have to compare its camera features only. Because it is the most important thing that you are looking for. So let’s see other support features for the devices.


This is the most important thing that I think. Normally iPhone 13 pro can be used underwater. But it is not 100% waterproof. There is a limitation up to 6m depth up to 30 mins. So the most important thing is underwater photography. I think you may know about the Apple warranty. They have mentioned they do not provide any water damage warranty.

So there is a high risk to use the iPhone to shoot inside the water.

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In this context, We can use GoPro. It is a really waterproof device up to 10m/33ft. But there is no warranty against the water. This means no one can guarantee waterproofing ability. Because it is tough to identify the water leaking depth.

But we have to trust mostly the GoPro. Because it has been designed for outdoor purposes. So using an iPhone will gain huge problems when it uses outdoor.

When you are diving, you should know the depth you are in if you use such a camera and protect it. Else it will damage due to water pressure.


According to the size and weight, we can have an idea about the handling. Normally GoPro is smaller than iPhone, and it is less weight. There are special parts to fix with the tripod and self-stick, and other components.

But iPhone is not fixed like that. There is a high risk at your own. If it is hit by something display can be damaged. And also, it is a bit more weight than GoPro.

According to the above explanation, we can finalize the idea. GoPro can give a positive user experience regarding the waterproofing and handling and negative for the iPhone. So let’s move to other factors.

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Image and Video Quality of iPhone and GoPro

Image and video quality is another thing that we should pay attention. Normally iPhone is with 12MP, and GoPro is with 21MP cameras. Those are huge differences. As well, as iPhone has 4K, and GoPro has 5.3K video resolution.

Wide-Angle – Apple iPhone is with a wider angle than GoPro. So it will show more area than GoPro. When you use the front camera, you can observe this clearly.

Color Density – Apple iPhone has more colour density than GoPro. Most mobile phones are used for selfies and photo captures. So there are amazing colours on iPhone.

Sound Noise – GoPro can record more noise rather than iPhone. iPhone can give you a decent clear noise with cut-off wind and background noise.

Stabilization – GoPro has super-duper high-quality stabilization than iPhone when we consider the stabilization. It can use for any movement with high stability.

Image Detail – GoPro is with 5.3K resolution, and iPhone is with 4K resolution. Hence GoPro will provide more sharp, clear photos and videos than iPhone.

Slowmotions – This is an amazing feature. Always GoPro is forward due to its stabilization and image quality. But iPhone is good with more color and a wide range of displays.

Exposure – iPhone has a better exposure with lighting. It is low for the GoPro.

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Price Difference

Go Pro will cost about $500, and iPhone 13 pro will be $1000. So iPhone cost twice the GoPro. Considering the features can be fair as a mobile phone when we consider the features.

GoPro’s price is also affordable. Because it is only a video camera. But there are amazing functions that are specially designed for outdoor activities.

Risk of Using GoPro and iPhone

What is the more risk to use for photography? The most risk device is the iPhone. Because it is a high cost and has fewer functions than GoPro.

If you wish to use your iPhone for outdoor activities, think twice to use it. But GoPro is specially designed for that. Hence no worry about it. It is a lower risk. You can use it and have better performance.

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