How Much Does it Cost for Waterproof Fabric?

Waterproof fabrics are very useful for both indoor and outdoor activities. Waterproof fabric costs more than normal cloth due to the waterproof layer. There are types of waterproof fabrics in the market with many purposes. According to the purpose of the fabric that you use, its cost will be changed.

The average waterproof fabric will cost between 4$-13$ per yard. When you order wholesale, it will be 2$-10$ per yard. If you need less than this price, you can use any other waterproof sprayer for the fabrics.

Obviously, the cost of the fabrics does not only depend on the waterproof layer. There are so many comfortable fabrics that are high cost with high comfortable, breathable, and so much. Let’s go forward to check how those, directly and indirectly, affect the cost.

01. How Much Will It Cost for Waterproof Coating?

Cost for Waterproof Fabrics

Any fabric is not waterproof without a shell coat. So the most important thing is the waterproofing coating of the fabric. There are so many coatings that can stop water from leaking inside. These coatings are normally applied on the surface to prevent water from leaking inside the fabric.

  • The cost for waterproofing depends on the coating, inside membranes, outside membranes, breathability, waterproofness, and many more.
  • But if you need to custom add the waterproofness, you can use sprays, oils, wax, and many more under 100$.
Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU)
WaxLiquid Latex and Rubber
VinylPolytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)
Linseed oilPVC
Water Proofing Coatings For the Fabrics

Waterproofness is measured with the static water column test, and when the waterproofness is high, the cost will be high.

WaterproofnessSuitable For
5000mmLight rain
10,000mmRain/Snow (no pressure)
20,000mmHeavy rain/Snow
Waterproofness Related to Environment

The more waterproofness will need to pay you more money.

Some additional properties such as UV resistance, thermal resistance, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance are also included in the specific waterproof coatings. These kinds of fabrics are incredibly durable and perform well. You should know there are both waterproof and water repellent fabrics available in the market. The cost is different on both fabrics.

Fabrics with these properties will cost more and it is fair considering their advantages.

When considering external coatings which can be bought from the market is also pretty good. Some coatings are highly waterproof. But everything depends on the film thickness. When you apply waterproofing spray on the fabric, its film thickness can be varied and will not affect as much as properly manufactured fabric.

If you are looking for Eco-Friendly Waterproof fabric you can try these 07 Best Eco-Friendly Waterproof Fabrics now!

02. How Does Cost Affect Breathability and Quality?

Lower Breathability is Suitable For Winter Season. Inside Heat Will not Leak Due to Less Pores

Breathability is a measurement of the vapor transferring internally and externally. So there are values for this. Briefly, waterproofing fabrics are used for sewing jackets, hats, covers, tents, and many more.

Normally people are sweating. This sweating includes more water content. The water should be removed from the body easily. Else it will be condensation and wet. So the fabrics should be breathable. Else inside, get wet. There is a global standard for this. This means how much vapor is transferred through a 1-meter squad of the fabric within 24 hours. Check the below table.

RangePerformance (g m−2 d−1)
Moderate10,000 to 20,000
Breathability Range of Waterproof Fabrics

You can see 0 to 20K values. So let me explain this. The more value means water will be rapidly vapored from the body and difficult to keep the body worm. Fewer values keep will barrier the vapor.

So after wearing high breathability jackets and doing the tiring job, what will happen?

It is more comfortable for you. You will protect yourself from water and heat. But if you wear a less breathability jacket and do the same thing, You will be more sweating. So when you select the fabric, you should know which is better for you. My opinion is, the moderate is better. You can try these 09 Best Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics: which is on my favorite list.

In the cool areas, you are well protected with low breathability jackets. The reason is more vapor will keep the heat inside.

Another cost-able fact is quality. There are many fabrics in the markets. But with different quality. If you buy any textile, you may see, it’s fully waterproof, even sewing ways with glue tapes. This kind of textile is more cost. Hence when you pay for the waterproof fabrics, check this is also included.

03. How Does Shell Thickness Affect Cost of Waterproofing Fabric

Waterproof fabrics are made with different layers. The inner layer, mid-layer, and outer layer are those. The outer layer is coated with waterproof coatings such as TPU, PU, TPFE, etc. Everything depends on the film thickness of the coating layer. When there is a high film thickness, it will be more durable and more water-resistant.

So you have to cost more when the shell thickness is high.

Shell thickness depends on the purpose of the fabric. If the fabric is used for hard use, it’s thicker. Normally tens shell layer and jacket shell layer are totally different from the thickness.

Some additional properties such as UV resistance, thermal resistant, and chemical resistant also increased with the film thickness of the fabric. So more film thickness waterproofing fabrics will cost more.

04. Cost for Inner-layers

Another factor for the cost of waterproof fabrics. The reason is inner layer can be created with many fabrics.

Inner layer materialsFabrics
Plastic-based fibersNylon, polyester, Acrylic, Elastane
Cellulose-based fibersCotton, Viscose, Lyocell, linen, hemp, jute
Protein-based fibersWool
Inner Layer Material and Included Fabrics

According to the inner layer fabrics, the comfortability can be changed. So more comfortable waterproof fabrics are more cost. And less is cheap. After checking the above table, you may see what the best comfortable fabrics for your body are.

Layers of Waterproof Fabrics

05. Cost for Mid-layers

Today most waterproofing fabrics are made with 3 main layers. The outer layer is a shell layer and is coated with waterproofing. And inner layer is the user comfortability layer. So there is a layer between the shell layer and the inner layer. It is a mid-layer.

Normally mid-layer is created with specific material such as ePTFE. The ePTFE layer is with least holes. Water can’t help pernitrate inside these holes, and vapor can move through them.

The mid-layer is made with an ePTFE membrane with a polyurethane-based infused protective layer. Major waterproof fabric manufacturers such as Gore-Tex, eVent, and NoeShell is using this technology incredibly successfully.

You can check the price of these fabrics Gore-Tex, eVent, NoeShell.

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