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Epoxy, also known as polyepoxides, is an abundantly used material in construction nowadays. There are many types of epoxies with different characteristics. Normally, epoxies are transparent and not solved in water. Hence we can use it outside. When using outside, we must consider is epoxy resin waterproof?.

Epoxy is a waterproofing material when it becomes hard. Waterproofness depends on the film thickness of the layer. Due to this characteristic, it can be used as waterproof material in many industries such as paint, naval and aviation, electrical and electronic, home construction, etc.

There are so many types of epoxies in the market. Epoxy is a modern construction material. It is with great strength, waterproof, shiny, and smooth material. Here I can explain to you how epoxy acts as a waterproof material.

How Can I use Epoxy Resin to Create a Waterproof Layer?

Epoxy is a waterproofing material. But it depends on the film thickness that you use. Normally it should be 2mm-3mm for the durable waterproofing application.

For the immerse services, you should cure 7 days under 75 degrees before immersing.

If your product does not allow for the wet surface, let it dry and re-apply it.

waterproof epoxy
Epoxy as waterproof material

What is the Best Waterproof Paint or Epoxy?

As you may think of this. Because you may need to compare waterproof paint and epoxy, here, I can line up the below facts. So, according to the resources that you have, you can select what is good for you


Normally both depend on the purpose of the task that you do. Waterproof epoxy is dry hard, shiny, smooth, and highly durable. But applying the surface is a bit difficult. Several coats are needed to cover the surface effectively. There you need to be a specified skill for these tasks.

Waterproof Paint

But considering the waterproof paint, it is easy the apply. But it will not be long-lasting as well as not shine, strength like epoxy. You can buy it near the shop and easily apply it.

Using epoxy, you can waterproof the woods easily. So you can try it. The result will be awesome.

How can Epoxy be Damaged and Leak the Water?

Normally epoxies are hard, less flexible, and with more strength.

But there is a limitation. it can be damaged due to external force. Due to this, it can be cracked. Through these cracks, water can be leaked. To protect the surface from additional forces and cracks. 

If the film is thinner, it can damage easily. And water leaking can happen. Hence by increasing the film thickness, this can be protected long time.

How to Protect the Waterproof Epoxy Layer?

epoxy apply using roller
Apply epoxy on floor using a roller

Epoxy protects the concrete not only from internal water issues but also from some products that will protect it under the concrete. When the epoxy layer is damaged, it can be damaged down layers also. And there are quick ways to fix the damage easily.

Waterproof paints act as a sealant against water entering the basement. But it will provide additional protection.

How to Prepare Surface for Waterproof Epoxy?

The surface is the most important thing for the resin application. Epoxy is a liquid resin, and when it is curing, it will be hard. So you can use it on any surface. The reason is epoxy creates a layer on the surface and stops all connections with the atmosphere. It is like a sealed process. 

Nowadays, many casting resins are used with different materials and different surfaces. So finally, with the special components, the epoxy surface is prepared mechanically and well finished.

So you should select suitable Epoxy resin as you need.

What are the Types of Epoxies?

What is the purpose of the work that you are used for?

There are epoxies for laminating resins, floor coating resins, composite resins, table coating resins, casting resins, etc. Each resin has different kind of characteristics and usages.

Now select the types of work that you have, and I will guide you to select the epoxy with waterproofing for your task.

Epoxy curing process
Yellow Epoxy Used on Floor

How to Apply Epoxy on Surface?

The application of epoxy is a very important thing. For the layer, you can use a brush roller or sprayer. Please pay attention to the method statement when you use this method statement.

When applying the epoxy on the surface, do it with perpendicular layers. You can apply epoxy directly to the slab. And after, you can have bright, smooth finishing with the epoxy. People use this as an option for tiling.

Curing Process of Epoxy Waterproofing

In general, incurred epoxy resins have only poor mechanical, chemical, and heat resistance properties. To add good properties are obtained by reacting the linear epoxy resin with suitable curatives to form three-dimensional cross-linked thermoset structures. For the curing process, we can use dozen of materials like amines, imidazoles, anhydrides, and photosensitive chemicals.

What are the Most Used Epoxy Types For Waterproofing?

For the waterproofing of epoxy, we use laminating resins. There 3 main categories for the laminating resins.

  1. Polyester Resins

Polyester resins are widely used in resins in the composites industry. These are called Fiberglass Resins also.  Polyester Resins are less expensive. It offers some corrosion resistance and is more forgiving than epoxies. The majority of all fiberglass parts are constructed using Polyester Resins because they are easy to use, fast curing, and tolerant of temperature and catalyst extremes are the advantages of polyester resins.

Waterproofing, strength, shine, durability, and anticorrosion are the pros of polyester resins.

  1. Vinyl Ester Resins

The characteristic of the resin between the polyester resin and epoxy. This is with high durability, thermal stability, and extremely high corrosion resistance, and waterproofing. This is used for special fields like marine and aerospace.

  1. Epoxy Resins

Epoxy is widely used in laminating coatings. So it is great thermal resistance, waterproof and strength material nowadays. You can use it on both floors, furniture, etc. But It can be damaged with UV lights. So do not use it for outer usage.

Some epoxies are for outer usage and resist UV. You can use this kind of product for outer usage.

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