Mobile IP Rating Explained- What Does It Mean IP68, IP69?

When we are going to buy a mobile phone, we can see many notations and details. Among them waterproofing rate is one of them. The waterproofing rate is classified as a global standard rate as it can use for all manufacturers. So there is no variation with the manufacturer. We called that IP rating.

The mobile IP rating states for the Ingress Protection. The IP rating is classified due to liquid and dust protection by the International Electrotechnical Commission by developing the IEC 60529 since 1976.

Ip ratings are one of the most factors in the modern mobile phone industry. So let’s see what the requirements, guidelines, and results that a mobile phone should have been. So let’s keep reading on!

What is IP Rating?

IP rating state for ingress protection from dust and water by the International Electrotechnical Commission by developing the IEC 60529, published in 1976 for the rated voltage of maximum 72.5KV.

When we use a mobile phone, we have to use that under different environmental conditions such as water, dust, steam, snow, etc. When one of these may leak inside the equipment, it can deteriorate or malfunction. In order to make the common standard, Ip rating has developed.

When we observe the notation of the Ip rating, we can see there are four letters. Those are I, P, (digit 1), (digit 2). We can sound that IP 69 (sixty-nine).

But do you know those numerous are stated for a different purpose?

IP ratings
  • IP stands for Ingress Protection.
  • The first numerical digit stands for the solid protection. Scale 0 – no protection, 6 – High protection
  • The second numerical digit stands for liquid protection. Scale 0 no protections, 9 – High protection

In-depth Solid and Water protection range.

Although you have a higher IP rating, it can be damaged due to these 04 ways easily.

1st Numeral – Solid Foreign Objects (Dust Protection)

0No protection
1Protect against the solid foreign objects of 50 mm diameter and greater
2Protect against the solid foreign objects of 12.5 mm diameter and greater
3Protect against the solid foreign objects of 2.5 mm diameter and greater
4Protect against the solid foreign objects of 1 mm diameter and greater
5Dust – protected
6Dust – Tight
1 Numeral range

2nd Numeral – Water Protection

XNo data is available to specify a protection rating.
0No protection
110 minsProtection against vertically falling water drops
22.5 minsProtected against vertically falling water drops when enclosure tilted up to 15 degree
31 minProtected against spraying water
410 minsProtected against splashing water
53 minsProtecting against water jets
63 minsProtected against powerful water jets
730 minsProtected against the effect of temporary immersion water
8 Protected against the effect of continuous immersion in water (UP to 3 m)
930 sec Protected against high pressure and temperature water jets

  • More than that, there is a ratings called 6K and 9K

6K – For powerful waterjets, increased pressure (3min)

9K – Powerful high-temperature water jets (2 min)

So now you can identify the notation of IP ratings.

If your phone is not waterproof, you can follow this guide to waterproof your mobile phone easily. DIY

What is the Meaning of IP68, IP69, and IPX?

When we looking for a waterproof mobile phone, we can find various IP ratings. Among them, IPX, IP 68, and IP 69 are common notations. By using the above table, you can identify the meaning of the notations.

  • If you have IP68,

It will stand for the dust-tight and continuous immerse water up to 1m

  • If you have IP69,

It will stand for dust-tight and protect against high-pressure water jets. You can immerse the instrument up to 3m in depth

  • If you use IPX

It will stand for the no data available to specify a protection rating with regard to the criteria.

IP Rating and Mobile Phones

Waterproof mobile phone
Waterproof mobile phone

Considering all the above detail, let’s see what are the most used mobile phones and their waterproofness related to IP ratings. Let’s check with famous brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung, etc.

PhoneDepth and TimeIP Rating
iPhone 13
iPhone 13 mini
iPhone 13 Pro
iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 12
iPhone 12 mini
iPhone 12 Pro
iPhone 12 Pro Max
6m, 30 minIP 68
iPhone 11 Pro
iPhone 11 Pro Max
4m, 30 minIP68
iPhone 11
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max
2m, 30 minsIP68
iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPhone XR
iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 7 Plus
More Detail
1m, 30 minsIP67
S20, S20+,
S20 Ultra, Note10,
Note10+, S10e,
S10, S10+,
Note9, S9, S9+,
Note8, S8, S8+,
S7, and S7 edge.
More Detail
1.5m, 30 minsIP68
One plus 8 Pro, One plus 9 Pro
One plus 9
IP 68

More than that, lots of mobile manufacturers produce waterproof mobile phones related to IP ratings. You can find them by contacting the support of mobile customer care.

It is important to know about the limitation of the waterproof phone every time. So you can use it carefully, without any water damage.

How to Check Whether My Phone is Waterproof?

So this is a really interesting topic. If you have bought a mobile phone, but you may not know the phone is waterproof. This can be found by using many ways. Checking the specification is one of them. But more than that, you can do it using an app. Follow the below step to proceed with it.

Essential steps to check waterproof phones

Step 01 – Install the Water resistance test app from Play store

Step 02 – Check whether the app is working. If it does not work, your phone is not waterproof.

Step 03 – If the app is working, let it run with relevant permissions.

Step 04 – Ten remove the casing or any related covers

Step 05 – Then quickly apply more force to the screen

Step 06 – Then, observe for the green tick mark if the device is waterproof. If not red cross mark you can see.

Is IP Ratings Common for all Electronic Devices?

The IP rating is used to rate the waterproofness of electrical enclosures with a rated voltage of a maximum of 72.5KV. So it can be used for many handheld enclosures, instrument cases, power supply cases, wall boxes, lights, outdoor lights, bathrooms, etc.

How Does Water Condition Affect the IP Rating?

IP rating does not depend on the water condition such as seawater, rainy water, hot water, etc. When considering hot water, there is a maximum temperature to be considered. You can use the IP68, IP69-rated mobile phone in swim pools, at sea, or anywhere.

Why There is no IP Rating in my Phone?

Every phone should have an IP rating. Because it should protect from dust. But it can leak the water. Mostly every phone is dustproof, So it will be with IP rating that can’t bear the water.

Waterproofing and Water Resistance Difference

Waterproofing and water resistance are different factors. Waterproof will not leak the water until a certain depth, such as 2m, or 3m. But water resistance phones will leak the water when used in-depth. But it can not leak inside a small amount of water.

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