5 Steps to Waterproof the Brick Walls: Old and Fresh Walls

Brick walls are common walls for house construction. It is cheap and durable. But bricks are not waterproof. It is water resistant material. Hence we need to apply an external waterproofing membrane when we use it with water. So you can follow these 05 steps to waterproof the brick walls. …

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How to Waterproof Concrete Slab? – Essential Steps

The concrete slab is widely used for roofs. The concrete slab is open to the environment. It can be wet from rain and heat with sunlight. Hence it is always shrinking and expanding. Due to this reason, there can be small cracks occur. Small cracks can leak the water inside …

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08 Steps – How to Waterproof a Bathroom? – (DIY)

The bathroom is highly engaged with water every day. Hence its wetness and dampness can spread all over the floor, slab, walls, etc. So you should waterproof the area properly. Within 07 steps, you can waterproof it easily. So let’s see how to waterproof a bathroom easily step by step, …

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[ 05 Steps] How to Waterproof Your Bathroom Walls?

A bathroom is a higher water-consuming area in the home. So most water leaking problems can occur due to this. Hence it is essential to waterproof it properly. During the waterproofing process, you have to waterproof walls, and floors step by step. I will share my experience with you quickly. …

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09 Best Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics: My Favourite List

Waterproofness is the externally added characteristic to the specific cloth material. These kinds of cloth materials are made with specific synthetic row material. Hence waterproofness and breathability can be controlled as designers need. There are dozens of waterproof fabrics on the market. But these 09 are my favorite waterproof and …

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10 Best Building Waterproofing Methods? – [With Images]

During my carrier, I could find so many water leaking problems. I got used to treating them with so many methods. I realized the same method was not suitable for all water leaking problems. Finally, I could find the types of waterproofing methods for any water leaking problem. Here I …

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How Much Does it Cost for Waterproof Fabric?

Waterproof fabrics are very useful for both indoor and outdoor activities. Waterproof fabric costs more than normal cloth due to the waterproof layer. There are types of waterproof fabrics in the market with many purposes. According to the purpose of the fabric that you use, its cost will be changed. …

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07 Best Eco-Friendly Waterproof Fabrics: Love Green

Waterproof fabrics are widely used in the world. But all of these are not eco-friendly. Here is the list of eco-friendly waterproof fabrics that you can use for your purpose. These are the best eco-friendly waterproof fabrics that you can find on the market. Recycled Polyester, TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), Waxed …

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Water Repellent Fabrics Vs Waterproof Fabrics: See the Difference

When you are selecting the waterproof or water-repellent fabric, you need to know the difference. There is a huge difference between water-repellent fabrics Vs. waterproof fabrics. When you study carefully, you can observe the difference. So check it. Waterproof fabrics are not allowed to pass water through the fabric, and …

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Outdoor fabric by the yard

11 Facts to Choose Outdoor Fabric by the Yard

I needed to select outdoor fabric by the yard. When I did it, I understood that many factors should be considered for a proper outdoor fabric. Waterproof fabrics are the most suitable for this task, and I have lined up all in detail about my selection. When you select outdoor …

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21 [Images + Cost] Waterproof and Water Resistant Fabrics

Fabrics are mainly used for clothes. When the cloth is used with water, it can be wet, and then it will be mold, stain, and swell. As a solution for this, waterproof fabrics have been made. There are types of waterproof fabrics under many trade names. Below are the best …

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How to wash waterproof jacket new

08 Steps to Wash Waterproof Jacket? – (Wash and Reproof)

Waterproof jackets are made with specific properties of fabrics. When using outdoor, it can be muddy and dirt. So it is important to wash waterproof jacket and reproof it properly. Washing a waterproof jacket is unique to the product. But commonly you should follow these 08 steps. To remove dust …

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