Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof Phones – (IP, Depth, DIY)

Mobile phones are one of the most used electronic devices today. It interacts with water badly. Hence waterproof and water-resistant features have increased to a certain extent. So when you buy, you should know the differences between water-resistant vs. waterproof phones. So let’s check what are those.

The water-resistant or waterproofness of the mobile phone depends on the waterproof rating of the device that has been categorized. Water-resistance mobile phones can be used with a small amount of water without any immersion in the water. But waterproof phones can be used under water 1m – 6m depth.

None is completely waterproof for all depths. It is limited to the device. But most mobile phones are water-resistant. Because it is one of the significant user requirements today. So let’s see, what are the difference between waterproof and water-resistance mobile phones and how can we use them? So let’s keep reading on!

What is a Water Resistant Mobile Phone?

Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof Phones
Water Resistant Vs. Waterproof Phones

Water resistant is the most used water protection technique for many electronic devices. Dust and water affect badly to mobile devices. So manufacturers have tended to create devices using high technologies to prevent water and dust enter the inside.

Water resistant means the device can withstand a small amount of water in a small time period. Butv It will not let the device immerse under the water.

Water-resistance mobile phones have been manufactured to enter the water difficulty inside the phone. When the water pressure is increased, it can leak inside easily. Water-resistance phones can use in the light rain, get wetting in pockets, sweat etc.

How to Identify a Water-Resistant Mobile Phone?

It is easy to identify the water-resistance mobile phone by using its IP rating. IP rating is provided by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). If the IP rating is more than IP51, your device is mostly water-resistant. It can remain with a small amount of water. But do not try to immerse or wash using the water.

Do you know what is IP rating? Mobile IP Rating – What Does It Mean IP68, IP69?

IP51 will explain the partial protection against the dust and protect against vertically falling droplets. This is the minimum usage in the water. Normally we can see a hole in the sim tray; speakers, mic, charger, and headphone jack are the main water entry places.

A regular mobile phone will not fully cover these entries. So water can enter inside the device. But the device should be dustproof it will be manufactured as dust is not allowed inside. As a result of this, most of the entries have entirely closed. So water also will not enter there without any high pressure.

Sometimes those devices have applied water repellent sprays. Those will reduce the contact angle of the water droplets, and it will reduce the spreading of water inside.

What is a Waterproof Mobile Phone?

Waterproof Mobile Phone
Waterproof Mobile Phone

Waterproof mobile phones are specially designed to avoid water damage. Some devices can immerse in the water, and some can withstand the high water pressure. A waterproof device is always water-resistance and dustproof. So if your device is waterproof, you should know its limitation.

As I explained above, water resistant is measured by the IP rating. Waterproofness is also the same as that. When we consider the right side numeral of the IP code will tell us the amount of waterproofness strength.

  • That range starts from the X, which is not measured by the manufacturer, and then 0; there is no waterproofness. Beyond that, there are 1 to 9. 9 is the most waterproof category.
  • If your mobile phone is waterproof, it should have IP67, IP68 and IP69 categories.
  • IP67 will use water by immersing up to 1m
  • IP68 will use underwater upto 3m
  • IP69 will use underwater more than 3m.

Most of the IP69 mobile phones can remain underwater for more than 6m, about 30 mins.

No phone is waterproof for every depth. When the depth is increased, the water pressure is also increased. As a result of this its water seal can be damaged easily.

You should know the limitation of the waterproofness of your mobile phone.

Convert Water Resistant Mobile Phone into Waterproof?

If you have a water-resistant or a regular mobile phone, you can convert that mobile phone into waterproof easily. Normally water resistant mobile phone is not able to use by immersing the water due to its lower water tightness.

You can follow these 07 Tips to Waterproof a Phone for both shallow or deep water.

  • As a solution, you can use the mobile phone in a waterproof bag, or cover. Some waterproof bags are available in the market that can keep the mobile phone or any electronic device inside bag and submerge in the water.

But there is a risk. If that opens in the water, it will get leak easily. So you had better select a well-designed waterproof bag for your purpose.

Do not try to apply any applications such as hydrophobic sprays to the outer cover. It will not give you a confident solution. By mistake, If a layer is damaged. Your phone will damage easily.

How a Waterproof Phone Damage Inside the Water?

As you are well aware, when the depth of the water is increased, pressure also increases rapidly. It happens when the position is changed vertically.

A waterproof phone is a fully sealed device. Most opening parts are fully sealed using rubber rings, glues etc. As I mentioned above, pressure increases when the depth is increased. So unit force is increased. As a result, bonds can be lost, and water can penetrate inside.

These are the 04 ways how a phone can be damaged by water. So it is better you aware this and how to fix it.

Some waterproof fabrics with 15000mm-30000mm waterproofness use to cover the entries in the phone. Those can resist more depth. Hence, speaker, mic openings are covered by these fabrics.

Now you may think of using permanent adhesive glue use for joints and connections.

Absolutely no, you can’t.

Because if there is any repair on the phone, it will not remove the parts. Instead of removing parts, you will have to break them. So permanently glues are not the solution for the increasing depth.

How to Protect the Waterproof Phone?

When using a waterproof phone underwater, we should know its limitations. If the limitations exceed, it will damage.

To protect the waterproof phone, you should follow the below steps.

Waterproof Phone Protection Guide

01. Keep away the phone from high heat

02. Do not fall on the hard floor

03. Do not get hit by something

04. Do not immerse in warm water

05. Use the phone in pure water, chlorine water, and saltwater for more durability.

06. Test the waterproofness of the phone after every repair and use underwater.

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