Waterproof Phone Case vs. Pouch: Which is Safer?

Mobile phones can be used wide area. When you use it underwater, you have to protect it from water leaking inside. Hence you have to a use waterproof case or pouch to protect the phone under water. So when you select one of these among waterproof phone case and pouch, what you should select with the highest safe? So let me explain this in detail.

Smartphones contain various kinds of electronic components. Among them, most parts are not favorable to water. Therefore using a waterproof protective cover such as a phone case or pouch is very important for your smartphone’s safety. Although some smartphones are made as water resistant, waterproofing cases supply more protection from water damage.

In this article I hope to give you some information about waterproof phone cases and pouches and between them, what is the best and how to decide it based on circumstances.

Waterproof Phone Case vs. Pouch

When you enjoy your summer vacation at the beach, in the pool, and your kids use your mobile or when you work in wet conditions, there is a high possibility of getting your phone damaged by water or some liquid.

Sometimes you may need to capture photos or film video underwater, you may need a trusted waterproof solution. So using a waterproof case or pouch is a good idea to protect your phone.

You can use these 07 tips to waterproof your phone DIY.

What Is a Waterproof Phone Case?

Waterproof Phone Case
Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is a solid cover or case which is made with Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and the opening are sealed using rubber, glue, and other specific materials as water do not leak inside.

Because of using PVC material for waterproof phone cases, it has the ability to seal the device from getting wet by water. And also, its lightweight and weather-resistant abilities help for making it user-friendly.

When you use a soft waterproof phone case for your phone, it does not disturb you to use your touch screen and make or take phone calls, because soft waterproof phone cases can touch the screen and are really good for using shallow water.

What Is a Waterproof Pouch?

Waterproof Phone Pouch
Waterproof Phone Pouch

A waterproof pouch is like a transparent bag made with higher-thickness polythene. We can seal the bag after putting the phone inside. It is flexible, and there is a carrying belt that can hang the device anywhere you need it. Due to the flexibility of the bag, we can touch the display easily.

Waterproof pouches are made from various materials like silk cloth, rubber, and PVC. For smartphones, most waterproof pouches are made from PVC because it is transparent and lightweight.

Before you use a waterproof pouch, check whether it is 100% waterproof. It is better to check it, before you submerge water.

When you buy a waterproof pouch, it is necessary to decide the size of the pouch and it depends on your intention.

If you use your smartphone regularly, it is better to buy a small-sized waterproof pouch. But If you use your mobile phone in the water, it is better to use a large-sized pouch. Because larger-sized pouches ensure better waterproofing protection for your mobile phone.

Although you use a waterproof case or pouch, it can be damaged due to these 04 ways.

IP Rating for Waterproof Phone Case and Pouch

Ingress protection is a universally accepted measurement of varying degrees of dust and water. This rating is standard by the International Electro-Technical Commission (IAC).

There are a few IP ratings, such as 68, X8, 67 or 66. The first digit signifies protection from dust and its measurement scale is 0 to 6. If it is 0 then ‘X’ is given. The Second digit tells you how much protection gives against liquid. It is measured in between 0 to 8 ranges.

Waterproof phone cases and pouches’ IP rating are scaled between 0 to 8 and the highest level of protection given an IP rating is X8. It means, with a waterproof case or pouch, the mobile phone can be immersed in water beyond 1 meter for 30 minutes.

IP rating X8 waterproof covers and pouches do not protect the mobile from dust. But there are some waterproof cases and pouches that do both works.

I have prepared a article with explaining in-depth of IP rating. So you can read it here.

What Is Good For Under Water Usage?

If you want to use your mobile phone underwater, it is good to use a waterproof phone case or pouch. So, between them, what is the best one? Actually, it depends on some circumstances.

There are advantages and disadvantages between using waterproof phone cases or pouches under water,

  • Unlikely phone cases, waterproof pouches have handles therefore, it gives you an opportunity to stay hands-free more often from your mobile phone.  
  • If you use high-quality waterproof pouches, they have a floating ability, so, you do not have to worry about finding your phone when it is knocked into deep water accidentally.
  • Waterproof pouches can be used underwater between 15 meters (50ft) to 30 meters (100ft) depth rating. But waterproof cases such as scuba diving phone cases are made from hard plastic so they have depth rating between 20 meters (66ft) to 40 meters (130ft).

So when we consider advantages and disadvantages, we can get some ideas that what is good for underwater use.

In my opinion, if you use your phone when swimming or surfing, it is better to use a waterproof pouch. If you want to do scuba diving, you had better use underwater phone cases.

Underwater Selfie
Underwater Selfie

User Experience

Using a phone underwater is cause for trouble. But to get more experience and joy, we want to use the phone underwater. In this article I also give some user experiences with waterproof phone cases and pouches.

  • If you intend to use your mobile phone underwater for photography or filming, please remind yourself to choose lite color transparency pouches. When choosing a phone case, check whether it has windows for phone cameras.
  • Sometimes, when you use a waterproof pouch, its zip-lock may be opened accidentally and the phone will be soaked. Be careful about that.
  • Waterproof phone case parts are attached with glue. So, it is better to check whether they are well glued. Otherwise, your phone may be leaked by water. And also, when choosing a phone case to use while diving, it is better to pick one made from hard plastic.
  • Moreover, some functions, such as using touch IDs may not work with waterproof pouches. And also, there is no possibility of touching the phone screen in deep water. Therefore it is good to start filming over the waterline.

What Should You Have, Waterproof Phone Case Or Pouch?

Waterproof phone case and pouch
Waterproof Phone Case and Pouch

Mobile phones are expensive devices. So it is good to protect your mobile from damage. When you use your mobile phone near water sources, you had better use a waterproof case or pouch for your mobile phone to avoid damage.

Between the waterproof phone case and pouch, what is the suitable one is that depends on your necessity and place. If you use your phone regularly, it’s easy to use a waterproof phone case.

When you use your phone at the beach, when swimming or surfing, it is good to use a waterproof pouch because it is easy to carry with you and its handle can be attached to your belt also. Moreover, with the pouch, you can protect not only your phone but also your phone cables, chargers, and ATM cards.

If you do underwater activities like scuba diving while using your mobile phone for filming or taking photos, it is good to use a waterproof case because it can be used at more depth in water than pouches.

How Deep Can A Waterproof Case Go?

It depends on the case structure strength and material strength. Normally, a waterproof case can be used 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 ft,) underwater. When it is made with hard plastic, it can be used 15 meters (50ft) to 40 meters (130ft) depth.

In water, with soft waterproof cases, you can manage your phone touchscreen without many difficulties. With hard waterproof phone cases, you may not be able to use a touch screen, but you can take photos and video while diving underwater.

How Deep Can A WaterProof Pouch Go?

The Waterproof pouch is also good protection for your mobile phone to avoid water damage. However, waterproof pouches also have a maximum depth you can use in water.

Some waterproof pouches can go up to 15 meters (50ft) underwater and with some waterproof pouches, they are able to go up to 30 meters (100ft).

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