04 Ways to Damage a Waterproof Phone – How I Fix It?

A waterproof mobile phone is a really important personal electronic device today. As for me, I have so much experience with this device. When using a waterproof phone, it can be damaged due to many reasons. Among them, 04 reasons are common for all. So I have listed out all damages and how to prevent and fix them easily.

Before moving to the main topic water damage, you had better identify your device well. So let’s keep reading on.

Is Your Mobile Phone Waterproof?

Most iPhones are waterproof.

I think most do not know about waterproof phones. Because it is not famous much today due to limited features on many mobile phone brands. But if you know the limitations of your waterproof phone and ways to check whether your phone is waterproof, it will be a real solution.

There are both water-resistant and waterproof mobile phones. So you should check the below factors to ensure its waterproofness.

01. Check Its IP Rating

02. Using an App.

So let’s read more detail about all of these.

“Never Drop Your Phone into Water to Check the Waterproofness”

What is IP Rating?

IP rating stands for International Protection or Ingress Protection. It will explain how much extent an electric device can be used with dust and water conditions. There is a range for use in dust and water.

The dust rating is 0-6. 0 will explain no dust protection, and 6 will explain the dust-tight.

Regarding the water, this is the same.

It is rated 0 – 9. 0 is no protection, and 9 is the highest value.

But it has limited for the immerse 10m-15m. Some devices can be used more than that. If your mobile phone is waterproof, check its IP rating. If you have IP67, IP68, IP69. You can use it underwater by immersing it. Do not immerse more than 1 m if it is IP67, If it is IP68, you can immerse 3m-6m, and if it is IP69, you can immerse up to 6m.

I have explained in depth about mobile IP rating here. So you can read it before choose a waterproof phone.

Using an App

Mobile apps are really popular today. So you can find a mobile application to check your mobile phone is waterproof. So this app can be downloaded through the Apps store, and it will directly connect with the barometer sensor in your mobile phone.

  • If app can install your phone and if that works it will tell there is a barometer in the phone.
  • If the app is not work, there is no barometer in the phone.
  • If app is faild to operate in the phone it will tell you, the phone is not waterproof.

How to Damage a Waterproof Mobile Phone?

Most mobile phones have waterproofing facilities to protect the device from water. When an electric device falls into the water, it can be short inside. So waterproofing the device is one of the best solutions.

So many manufacturers produce waterproof mobile phones with limited depth and remaining time. If the device is waterproof, it can be damaged by water when it leaks inside due to many reasons. So let’s see what those reasons are and how the waterproofness is reduced due to some reasons.

Waterproofness can be reduced due to the following reasons.

01. Use the Device Under High Heat

High heat is not good for waterproof phones. Image Source: AVG.com

When we consider waterproofing regarding mobile phones, we should know what are the things and materials used for the function. Normally waterproof device is made with glue, rings and waterproof fabrics. All are worked under a certain limited range.

It is a design limitation. If the design limitations are exceeded, the system will fail. So when you put your phone into the high heat liquid, it will reduce the material hardness. It will increase the softness of the material. As a result of these rings, glues will lose their connections, and water will leak inside.

This is not only the liquid. If you use it without liquid, this can happen. When the phone is open to high heat, its inner connection will lose. So it will be a reason for the waterproof phone damage.

02. Hit on Hard Surface

When Phone Hit on Hard Surface its Waterproofness Will Damage

This is very common for everyone. Your phone can befall onto the hard floor and some times casing may be damaged. When the casing is damaged, it will be a reason for water leaking inside. Normally most of the parts have connected with the glue. When a part is damaged, it will let the water come inside. It can’t hold the water under pressure. So make sure to use any rubber pouch for your phone protection.

03. Use With Unsuitable Liquids.

Normally waterproof phones are highly compatible with water, milk, tea, juice, seawater, chlorine water etc. But it will not withstand oils, petrels and many more, which are losing the connections. When the connections have loosen, It will not be waterproof. So be careful when you use that kind of material if you use it for any testing.

04. Use Beyond the Limitations.

Deep selfie
Waterproof Phones Should not use in Deep Water

Normally, waterproof mobile has a limited range. It is discussed by the IP ratings. Normally, IP ratings are given by the IEC. It is an international standard. Most of the mobile phone manufacturers produce waterproof mobile phones according to that. Its maximum is IP69. It will explain the phone can be used between 3m-6m about 30mins. If you try to use the phone more than depth or more time, it will damage easily.

Can I Trust Waterproof Phones?

Actually, you can’t trust waterproof phones 100%.

None has been designed as a waterproof device. There is a limitation. And you can see there are liquid identifiers in the mobile phone.

Suppose If the device is waterproof, why there are liquid indicators?

As I think we can think like this.

Sometimes devices can be waterproof. Some people will use it over limitations. So water will leak inside. There is no indicator to identify how the water was leaked.

Hence liquid contact indicator will be important.

So do not use your mobile phone underwater, Although it is waterproof, without knowing its limitations.

  • Apple
Source for Apple Check
Source for SAMSUNG Check

How to Fix a Water Damage Phone?

If a mobile phone is damaged by water, it is difficult to restore. So the best way is to keep the phone out of the water as much as possible if the phone is not waterproof. But waterproof, water-resistance mobile phones also can be damaged if it is used over the limitation.

So you had better know to fix water damaged mobile phone.

If you have a normal phone, you can use these 07 tips to waterproof it before the water damage.

Normally speaker, screen, the mic can be damaged due to water, So let’s see how to fix the water-damaged phone in 05 steps quickly.

Step 01 – Take Away From Water

Take out Phone from Water
Take out Phone from Water

If your phone is water damaged for any reason, the first thing is to take out the phone from the water as soon as possible. If that is kept much time underwater will increase the damage percentage. If the phone has not automatically switched off, instantly switch it off.

Step 02 – Remove all Accessories Such as Pouch, Battery, Sim, Chip

Asap you take out the phone, remove accessories such as the battery, sim card, chip etc. So do not keep that inside. It will cause corrosion inside. As well as keeping the battery will short inside increase more damage.

If you are not able to remove the battery from the phone, meet the specialist for that. Because most of mobile phones are with sealed batteries, suddenly you will not be able to remove that.

Although some phones are waterproof, they will leak inside if it is immersed in more depth. And most do have warranty for the water.

Step 03 – Wipe the Phone Using Dry Cloth, Paper

Wipe the Water Drops on the Phone
Wipe the Water Drops on the Phone

After you remove all accessories, you can wipe them using a cotton cloth or paper. Excess water will remove permanently using a towel or paper. Then keep some time by turning down as any hole keeps in downside.

Step 04 – Dry with Low-Temperature Dryer

The most important thing is using a dryer. It is not highly recommended. If you use them at high temperatures, inside connections can be loosened. But if you can dry it with using a dry wind. It will be a huge solution for that.

Step 05 – Drop into a Rice Bag

Immerse the Water-Damaged Phone in Rice

If you follow the above steps to remove water, the inside is not wet. And you are not able to remove inside water droplets. Under this situation, you can use rice. Immerse the wet phone in the rice and keep it for about 2-3 days. You can observe all wet water droplets have vanished, and the phone is ready for the switch on.

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