[05 Reasons] Why Should You Waterproof the Bathtub Floor?

Bathtub placing is one of the major processes in bathroom construction. Waterproofing the bathtub floor prevents many problems with water leaking. Damp, stain and biological growth are a few of them. More than that, there are some reasons you should aware. So let’s see why you should waterproof the bathroom floor in detail.

There are types of bathtubs in the market. But whatever you select, you to need to waterproof the floor as well as surrounding walls also. There are methods and standards you should follow in your country, so I hope this guide will carefully realize the necessity of truth factors for bathtub waterproofing.

A bathtub floor should be waterproof because of the below reasons

01. When The Bathroom is Upper Floor

water leak upper floor bathroom
Water can be leak upper bathtub floor when it is not waterproof

This means that according to the bathroom situation, you can decide whether you need to waterproof or not. Normally when the bathroom is used, water can be absorbed onto the floor if you have not used any waterproofing method. But if the bathroom is upstairs and directly top of the room, what will happen, 

When the water is absorbed, the surface will be saturated.

Then more and more water is collecting, it will try to leak. So downside slab, walls will be wet due to this. When the time comes, there will be a stain on the slab, and it will be damp.

Therefore if the bathtub is on the upper floor, you should waterproof the bathtub floor. And if the bathroom is on the ground floor, it will no need any waterproofing method. But it can be damp nearest walls. So it is better to waterproof as much as possible you can.

You can waterproof the bathroom within 08 steps using this guide.

02. Shower Can Wet the Walls and Floor

dampness walls
When the shower is not waterproof, the walls can be dampness

What is inside the bathroom? Is it only a bathtub or shower?

According to the inside, you will need to apply waterproofing. If you have a bathtub no need to waterproof more height of the wall. It is enough to waterproof 4-5 feet of the wall with the floor. But if you have a shower, you should waterproof the bathtub floor and the walls.

The walls which directly get wet and floor should be waterproof to protect from the water. If you cannot waterproof walls, there will be dampness in the surrounding walls.

The existing waterproofing layer can be damaged due to these 17 reasons.

03. Plumbing Damage Can Leak the Water

damaged bathtub plumbing
Water can be leaked through damaged plumbing.

Plumbing is used for the water supply. Sometimes these plumbings can be damaged and leak. If there is no quick response to stop this, it will overflow on the flow and penetrate inside.

The leakage can be seen, and also it can be an internal leakage that is not able to see. Due to this, walls and floors can be wet and leak to the nearest walls and floors, giving bad effects

04. Prevent Structural Damages

When there is continuous water leaking, it directly affects the concrete floor as well as the wall. Continuous wetness will lead to corrosion inside reinforcement. Then the structure will be weak. 

For the plastering, the situation is the same. The plaster will be loosened with continuous watering, and it can be cracked. If there is a wood-based structure, the wood begins to rot, weaken, fall apart, and allow the formation of mold to grow.

Finally, the structure will be buckle, weak, and abrade due to water. So the best thing is to avoid water from the structure. Apply the waterproofing on the floor and walls.

structure damage due to bathtub leaking

05. Due to Unexpected Leakages

The bathtub is placed on the floor. We do not see its bottom side. Suppose if there is any leakage that you don’t see. After the water leaks, you will realize the necessity of waterproofing the bathtub floor

And also, the output drainage system can leak anytime due to loosening the pipes, and water will leak. So the excess water will penetrate onto the bathtub floor.It will gain a lot of problems.

06. Due to Aesthetic Damages

You may build a house with many tries. You love it more. House is a calm and quiet place. When you go there, you need to live in a peaceful and calm way. The color, structure, and many more affect that. 

But if there are stains on the walls and dampness and fungus have grown under the slab, it will provide it. It looks like an old house and disturbs your mind always. So there should be an Aesthetic calm view. If there is water leaking, you can have it all. Hence use waterproofing for both bathtubs as well as showers.

So these are the 06 reasons, why you should waterproof the bathtub floor.

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