Why Waterproof Shoes Cool the Feet? – With Solutions!

Waterproofing shoes are mainly used for outdoor activities. These shoes are used in water, snow, and cool environments. Hence the inner temperature can be leaked outside, and feet become cool due to some reasons. So let’s see why waterproof shoes cool the feet?

Generally, waterproof shoes cool the feet due to the high breathability of the shoe fabric. Breathability is the value of the vapor water transferring rate. Water vapor is an output of the body. When breathability is high it lets the water vapors move out rapidly and reduce the feet temperature.

When the feet are cool, it can lead few serious problems. And also, there are methods to warm the feet quickly. So keep reading on until the end to find the reasons and solution for the feet cooling although wearing waterproof shoes.

How Waterproof Shoes Cool the Feet?

Cold Feet Problems

Waterproofing shoes are with two main characteristics. Those are waterproofness and breathability. Waterproofness is the value for the water leaking as a liquid form inside the shoe.

Breathability is the value for the vapor water leaking inside to outside. Waterproof fabrics are made with special fabrics such as Gore-Tex. Those are made with over 09 billion pores, including the 1 square inch of the clothing material. Those holes’ diameter is less than the liquid water molecular diameter. Hence liquid molecules will remain due to hole blocking.

But vapor liquids will be leaking inside to outside and reverse. The human body is produced water as vapor. When it is cold, we call it sweating. When there is more sweating, its vapor production is high; when we work hard, it’s high. When we consider the waterproof shoes and its mechanism, we may think, are waterproof shoes really waterproof?

The produced vapor should be removed from the skin. Else it will be condensed and sweating. Breathability is the sweating removing process using the small pores. Vapor molecule diameter is less than the diameter of the pores, and it let vapor transfer inside and outside.

When the vapor transfer rate is high, it can’t hold more temperature. It will leak outside the shoe. This will cause the feet to cool. Although you have worn socks, it will not affect you.

When the feet are cool, it raises many problems. If you are in a cool environment, you will feel the difficulty of this badly.

And also, waterproof shoes get wet and used without drying; you can feel the same situation So let’s see What happens when feet cool?

After considering all the above information, These 04 Tips will help you to choose the right waterproof shoes.

What Happen When Feet are Cool?

Cold feet cause poor circulation Source: medicinenet.com

When the water is leaking inside the waterproofing shoe, it will not leak outside due to waterproofness. So it should dry as much as possible to prevent some problems. Normally these kinds of shoes will take less time to dry.

When feet are cold, you can see skins are shrunk and heavily stick to the leg. And also, felt may appear blue or purple when you are sitting. There are a few problems that occur when the feet are cold.

Poor Circulation

Blood is transferred to the cells through the vein. Circulation is a general task in every human body. When the legs are cold, their veins are shrunk and reducing the blood transfer. Due to this, fresh blood is not able to transfer to the cells. Due to this, heart problems can raise badly. The heart tries to pressure more blood onto the cells. So it affects the heart badly.


Anemia is a result of lacking red blood cells. This is another cause of cold feet. If you are a hiker, this kind of problem will begin late your hiking. So do not let the feet cool when wearing waterproof shoes.

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes and hypothyroidism are other bad results of cold feet due to waterproof shoes.

Cool Feet Problem Due to Waterproof Shoes

  • When the feet are cool, its nerve system also does not respond properly. Even your touch will not feel you as it is.
  • The vein is shrunk and increases the heartbeat rate
  • Skin is stuck thoroughly to the leg
  • Purple or dark blue color legs

More than that, there are more problems related to waterproof shoes. I have listed them as 08 Problems with Waterproof Shoes, including solutions

How to Warm the Cold Feet?

Warm the cool feet
Warm the cool feet

If your feet are cool due to the less warm, you can warm the feet to prevent all the above problems. First of all, you need to select better breathable waterproof shoes, and then you have to follow these steps. You can use moderate breathable fabric-made shoes.

  • Use Gore-Tex Socks
    This is an amazing brand you can Use. Whatever you use for the hiking shoe, trial shoe, or waterproof shoe you can use these amazing socks. Here inside is very comfortable and warm. You will not need to use another method for feet warm and this can be used in your high breathability waterproof shoes.
  • Sock Layering
    Sock layering is really important for the cold weather. The socks are made with many layers and it provide amazing protection for the feet. There is separate coverage for the fingers, and it prevents blistering and infections due to sweating.
  • Use Foot Warmers
    You can use foot warmers at the end of the boots. It can keep the boot warm for about 5 hours.
  • Boots in Tent
    If you keep the boots outside of your tent, they will be wet heavily. So if you can keep them inside the tent, it is a great solution. You just need the polythene bag and then put the waterproofing shoes inside it and keep them in the tents.
  • Active Boot Circulation
    If you feel that your legs are cooling, you need to active with your legs. Then warm blood will transfer quickly, and it will warm better.
  • Use fire or Hot Water.
    If you are able to fire up, you can use that to warm the feet. Else you can use the warm water to warm the feet.


Waterproof shoes cool the feet due to less breathability. Therefore you st use moderate breathability shoes for your exploring. Then you can protect the feet from cold.

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