Water Repellent Vs. Waterproof Shoes: Which Should Buy?

Water repellent Vs waterproof shoes is really different by their usage, structure, and mechanism. Those are used for specific usage. If you wish to buy one of these, you should know these factors clearly.

Water repellent Vs. waterproof shoes are widely used for wet environments. Water repellent is a thin coating that can stop the water from leaking inside. Waterproofing is a synthetic structure with pores that can prevent water from leaking inside with breathability.

Waterproof and water repellent shoes are mainly used for avoiding wet from the water. According to your environment, you should select whether the shoe should be waterproof or water repellent. I will explain to you all in detail about waterproof and water repellent.

Waterproof and Water Repellent Comparison

PropertiesWaterproofWater Repellent
StructurePores with layersSprayed thin layer
ProtectionHeavy rainLight rain
Surface applicationNoYes
Damage repairDifficultEasy
Waterproof Vs. Water repellent

What are the Water Repellent Shoes?

water repellent can increase the waterproofness
By spraying, water repellent can increase the waterproofness

First of all, we must consider the water repellent. Water repellent is a real solution to stop water leaking inside. Water repellent is not a permanent solution for water leaking. It is a temporary wise solution. There is a clear difference in Water Repellent Fabrics Vs Waterproof Fabrics. So you had better know this before use.

Water repellent is making a thin film on the surface using the specific spray, and it will prevent the water leak inside. When the thin film layer is damaged, its waterproofness can be demolished. There are plenty of water repellent sprays in the market, and all act as the same procedure.

Normally water repellent can hold a water column. That means those are not able to bear high water pressure. Those are really suitable for light rain, and also, if the thin film layer is damaged with time, its waterproofness is also finished.

Water repellent is a better solution for water resistance. Water resistance lets the water leak inside, and it will not harm the structure, but side effects can occur. But water repellent will not even leak inside.

But this is a good solution to make the large waterproof area by applying the spray instead of using waterproof fabrics.

When we consider the water repellent shoes, those are not much suitable for constant usage. That is a temporary solution. When the waterproofness is over, it will need to apply another thin film layer. So it will cost more. Due to this reason, water-repellent shoes are not suitable for regular usage.

What are the Waterproof Shoes?

Waterproof shoes
Waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes are the real solution for wet environmental conditions. Normally waterproof shoes are not made with single layers. There are few layers combined for the best performance of waterproofing and breathability.

Due to this structure, we may have a problem, Are Waterproof Shoes Really Waterproof?.

The outer layer, mid-layer, and inner layer are them. The outer layer is a finishing layer, the mid-layer is consists of pores or special structures, and the inner layer provides comfort to the user. Outer layers are mostly made with synthetic materials. But the inner layer is made with cotton or any comfort material to provide the best comforts to the user.

Fully covered rubber is also waterproof, but it is not able to use due to no breathability. When we consider waterproofness, we should also consider breathability. Breathability is the value of the vapor transfer inside and outside. So I have listed 09 Best Waterproof and Breathable Fabrics that you can use.

The human body produces water vapor, and when it is condensed, it becomes sweats.

  • Gore-Tex is a major manufacturer of waterproofing fabrics. Gore-Tex fabrics are with more than 08 billion pores in the 1 square inch of the fabric. So those comfort to the user to keep the sufficient warmth of the body.

These fabrics make waterproof shoes, and it is really useful for hiking, exploring, traveling, and walking. These shoes can be used for wet environments such as snow, mud, ice, etc. Waterproofness is measured by the water column height. That means waterproof shoes are highly resistant to heavy rains.

If you need to buy waterproof shoes, these 04 Tips will help to Choose the Right Waterproof Shoes easily.

What are the Best Waterproof or Water Repellent Shoes?

Among waterproof shoes and water repellent shoes, waterproof shoes are the best for outdoor activities. If you cannot find that, you can use regular shoes with applying the water repellent material.

When you are using the water repellent material, it can damage easily with using. But waterproof shoes will not damage due to their inner structure.

Let’s consider what will happen if those are damaged. When the water repellent shoe is damaged, it can be fixed easily by applying the repellent easily. when the waterproof shoe is damaged, it cant fix easily because of the inner structure. So you have to buy another one.

After considering all these, I strongly recommend you to buy waterproof shoes to protect yourself from water.

What are the Water Repellent Coating for Shoes?

So many DWR (durable water repellents) are available in the market for fabrics and shoes. Those need to spray on the surface and let it dry. These products are also used for reactivating the waterproofing of the shoes and fabrics.


Waterproofing shoes are really useful rather than water repellent shoes. Water repellent is not a permanent solution and it is not durable. Waterproof shoes are the best solution for wet environment conditions. So You had better buy waterproof shoes for hiking, exploring or any other wet environmental usage.

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