08 Problems with Waterproof Shoes – [With Solutions]

Waterproof shoes are essential for exploring, hiking, and running in various terrains such as rock, muddy, snow, and ice. So when you use it, you have to face some waterproof shoe problems. So let’s see what these problems are and how to solve them permanently.

The solution is based on practical solutions. So you had better check the better improvements. Sometimes you can find the real solution better than this. So let’s keep reading on!

Why Waterproof Shoes Cold the Feet?


Cold Feet Problem Source: medicinenet.com


This is a common problem in waterproof shoes. When the legs are cold, even you have worn waterproof shoes; the problem is with the breathability of the fabric. Have you checked the breathability of your waterproof fabrics? Is it moderate or high? When the value is high, water vapor can be rapidly moving out from the legs, and it will cause cool the feet.

If you dont know to choose the right waterproof shoes, these 04 tips will help you to choose the right one.

Breathability is the value of the vapor transfer, and when it is high more vapor will remove, and less will keep the vapor. Vapor help to keep the inner temperature high. So it is a great way to store the inner temperature. But if it is higher, it can become too sweating. So you had better know about the real value of the breathability of your task.

Sweating depends on the person, and it can be changed according to person to person. So you must select the best breathability waterproof shoe for your best comfort.

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  • Use the moderate breathability waterproof shoes

Why Do Waterproof Shoes Heat the Feet?

zero breathability shoes
Wearing Plastic, Rubber Boots Will Increase the Heat Due to Lower (Zero) Breathability


When sweating is too much, it can’t move out due to the low breathability. So if there is a low breathability value of your shoes, your heated vapor (sweating) will not remove easily. because the pores are not enough to keep the better breathability.

Normally breathability pores diameter is less than the liquid water molecules diameter, and because of this, liquid water will not come inside the shoe. Sometimes we may think Are Waterproof Shoes Really Waterproof?

When you use a waterproof shoe long time, these pores can be clogged, and the breathability will not happen properly. Some mud particles can be clogged the pores, and we have to use another DWR to activate the breathability.


  • Use the moderate breathability waterproof shoes

How Water is Leaking Inside the Waterproof Shoes?

Water can leak inside the waterproofing shoes
Water Can Leak Inside The Waterproofing Shoes When the Limit Exceeds


When you use the waterproofing shoes long time, water can penetrate inside the shoe. The reason is some seams and joints can be loosened due to heat and wearing for accidental situations. Sometimes shoes can be scratched with sharp edges like stones, and then the sewing strength can be lost.

In this rare situation, water can leak inside the shoes. Sometimes you may use less waterproof shoes. Normally waterproof fabrics have more than 20,000 mm waterproofness. 10,000 mm waterproofness is also better for the shoes, but less than that is not suitable for waterproof shoes.

When you use that kind of shoes, your feet can be wet soon. When we consider everything, Are waterproof shoes worth it?


  • Use proper waterproof shoes and maintain them properly. Do not get damaged it

What Happened When Punch or Cut With Sharp Edge?


What happens when a waterproof shoe is punched with a nail? It is a really rare situation, but it can happen when we use it.

When the shoe is cut or punched, its waterproofness is finished. Whatever you used for the stick together those will not remain as it is. So the best solution is to use new waterproof shoes for you.


  • Buy a new one or try to repair it. When there is a punch, it is difficult to use against water, because water can leak inside easily. Its waterproofness and breathability is over. But you can use this general purpose.

Why Blistering the Legs Due to Waterproof Shoes?

Legs will be Blistered Due to Less Brethability Shoes, Socks and Tight Shoes


When the inner temperature is too much, it can be heated inside. Due to the lack of enough breathability inner can be heated quickly. Because water vapor is not allowed to move out due to hot air, cause inner can be heated and sweat. This process leads to blistering.

And also, sometimes shoe size is not enough, the shoe surface can hardly touch the skin. When this is happen, we can see blistering.

When the inner is sweating, it can be worn with the sock and shoes at a high temperature. So blistering can occur easily. Sometimes blistering can be damaged inside, and the area can be a wound.

So always try to use a proper breathability waterproof fabric and the right size shoes.

Waterproof shoes are made with two types of fabrics. Those are water repellent and waterproof fabrics. There is a difference in Water Repellent Fabrics Vs Waterproof Fabrics. It is better you should know about it before buying.


  • Use high breathability waterproof fabric
  • Use enough breathability socks
  • Use correct size shoes

How to Fix Water Leaking Through the Ankle Opening?

Ankle Opening Water Leaking
Ankle Opening Water Leaking


If you are using a low-height ankle shoe, this is a common issue. Some waterways are deep than we see. Some are mud. So we are not able to check the depth every time. We have to do it according to our eye level. So suddenly, feet can be a sink in the mud. In this situation, water will leak inside t the shoe from the ankle area. So it will take 3-4 hours to dry the waterproof shoes.

Due to this reason, there are some waterproof gaiters and rain pants. If you have a fear of this, you can wear it easily.


Why Does It Tear the Waterproof Shoe Fabric?


Waterproof fabric can be torn anytime due to poor sewings or poor materials. It can be torn when it is used due to the loadings. Most waterproof shoes are torn at the side of the shoes, and it lets the water leak inside directly. These kinds of damages aren’t able to fix. You need to replace a new one.

A fixed problem can be another problem soon. So it is better to invest in a better strong one.


  • Replace for a new one

How to Wash the Waterproof Shoes?

Wash the waterproof shoes


When you use a waterproof fabric for a long time, its waterproofness and breathability can be reduced due to mud and small particles. Due to this reason, it should be washed properly. How to wash waterproof shoes.


In this process, we use Nikwax waterproofing product

How to wash waterproof shoes step by step?

Step 1- Remove the dirt with a brush
Step 2- Wet the shoe with clean water
Step 3- Apply footwear cleaning gel
Step 4- Clean with the brush
Step 5- Then rinse well
Step 6- Apply the waterproofing liquid with spraying (DWR)
Step 7- Carefully remove the excess or overruns
Step 8- Keep it dry

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