Waterproof Phone Limitations – [Depth, Time, & IP Rating]

Waterproof phones are designed to stay in the water with a limited time period and depth. When one of these exceeds its waterproofness can be removed due to high pressure or loss of the water seals. So user should know the limitation of the depth and time of the waterproof mobile phone he uses.

Generally, IP68 rated waterproof phone can immerse 1m in water about 30 mins, and if it is IP69 rated phone can stay more than 1m and 30mins in the water. If the phone is IP67 rated, it can immerse up to 1m depth in the water about 30 mins.

When a phone is in the water can be measured by time and depth. If one of these exceeds, it can damage the system. Those are the maximum values according to the EC 60579. But in practice, these can be exceeded, and their risk is increased.

Why Waterproof Rating, Depth and Time?

depth and time is waterproof limitation
Waterproof Phones Have Limited Depth and Time

When we consider the mobile phone all can be considered as dustproof so we can consider it as a dust-tight. After that, we can consider the waterproofness of the device.

When we consider the waterproofness of the device, there are 03 main things we should consider. Those are water flow rate, depth, and time. There are both Water Resistance Vs Waterproof Phones. You should know both these.

Water Flow Rate

If the mobile phone is not immersed in the water, it may contact with the water. To measure this, water is sprayed on the device under different pressure and flow rate for a considered time period.


Depth is measured when the device is submerged in the water. It is measured by the meters. Normally, there is a limitation for the depth in waterproof phones.


How much time the device can stay in the water is measured by the time. Mostly it is more than 30 mins. It depends on the immerse depth. When depth is high, its water tightness can be loose easily.

IP RatingDepthTime
IP61010 min
IP62010 mins
IP6305 mins
IP64010 mins
IP6503 mins
IP663 mins
IP67Up to 1m30 mins
IP681m-3m30 mins
IP69More than 3m30 mins
Water Depth, Time, and IP Rating.
IP RatingFlow RateTime
IP613mm rainfall per minute10 min
IP623mm rainfall per minute (all directions)10 mins
IP6310 ltr per minute 60° degree5 mins
IP640.07 liters per minute10 mins
IP6512.5 liters per minute3 mins
IP66100 liters per minute3 mins
IP6730 mins
IP6830 mins
IP6930 mins
Water Flow Rate, TIme and IP Rating

The waterproof rating depends on the remaining time and pressure of the water. Normally waterproof rating is introduced and operated by the IEC. According to that IP, the rating can be used for the maximum voltage of 72.5KV equipment.

IP rating is not only for water protection but also for dust protection also. It is mentioned as solid protection.

  • Solid protection is rated by the 0 as low and 6 as high
  • Water protection is rated by 0 as low and 9K as high.

Each one has a specific depth and time with water applying way. When the temperature is varied, its waterproofness can be changed due to inner seals being loosened. So that is another factor we should consider.

Frankly, immersion of the water is discussed under the 8th of the rating position. Up to that, water is applied or sprayed to the equipment in many ways. But the phone is not immersed in the water.

Under the 8th rating, it tended to immerse under the 1m depth of the water and checked about 30mins.

Beyond that, under the IP69, water immersion is more than and 30mins.

This is mainly used for continuous immersion. When the depth is increased, pressure also increases. Therefore waterproofness can be reduced while it immerses in the water.

You can read more about Mobile IP Rating Explained IP68, IP69

How Phone Parts are Water Tight?

None is waterproof for all depths. When the depth is high, its waterproofness is decreased. To resist this, mobile phones should be manufactured. Hence special seals and gas cuts are used.

When we consider the parts of the mobile phones, we can observe the leaking places such as speakers, power buttons, charge port, volume buttons, camera, mic etc. Each port has been specially designed by using ways and methods as water is not leaking inside.

So let’s see water leaking areas of a phone.

  • Charger port – Sealed with the rubber gasket
  • Speakers and mic – Covered with waterproof fabrics.
  • Sim tray – Sim tray inside has a rubber ring. When the tray is tightened, it will tigh and seal.
  • Cameras – Surround were sealed by rubber layers.
  • Volume buttons – Completely sealed the area, and only mechanical touch is occurring.

This is the way how parts and ports are covered from the water. When the temperature is changed, the functions can be changed.

Motherboard – The motherboard has been made hydrophobic. You can see there is a shiny coating on the board. It will not absorb or spread the water on the board. The hydrophobic layer will reduce the contact angle of the water drops. When water is dropped on the board, it will not get sticky to the board.

If you don’t own a waterproof mobile phone, you can use these 07 Tips to waterproof your existing phone.

Do Waterproof Phones Work Under Water?

Underwater Selfie
Underwater Selfie

Most of the waterproof phones work well underwater. But touch screen may not work due to pressure, and buttons will work well.

You can set up the function above the water, and it can continue under the water. As an example, you can start a video above the water and take photos under the water using the volume buttons.

  • In practice, no one needs to open apps under the water by touching them. Mostly used for the videos and photos. So it can manage using the volume buttons.
  • But if you use a waterproof cover as a waterproof solution you can operate it underwater. There is no water contact with the screen.
  • When the depth is increased, it will not work due to inside water leaking. So you should know the waterproof limitation of your phone.

Is IP68, or IP69 Rainproof?

Normally, IP68 is used to explain the factors of immersion depth of 1m and IP69 is used for the immersion of more than 3m. According to the IP rating, both are used to water immersion. If the device is passed IP69, it can remain under the water for more than 3m. So it will not affect the above water or rainfall.

How Phones are Water Resistance?

Mobile phones are made as water-resistant by adding soft rubber rings, glues, hydrophobic sprays and waterproof fabrics. These can not remain underwater. When water is in contact with the device, it will not get sticky and be removed quickly.

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