GoPro or Underwater Camera – 04 Cameras Compared?

When I was looking for an underwater camera for underwater filming, GoPro was one of the budget options. I could find both pros and cons to these two devices. SoI have prepared all things you should consider when you buy a GoPro or Underwater camera. So this guide will help you to choose the best one according to your requirements. So let’s check in detail!

Generally, GoPro is suitable for beginner-level divers or underwater photographers, and the underwater camera is suitable for professional underwater photographers. GoPro will cost about $500, and an Underwater camera will be more than $2000. GoPro is easy to operate with better stabilization than an underwater camera

According to your budget and your requirements, you must select one of these. In this guide, you can find the most used popular brands and their specifications. So when you select a camera, these specs will help you. So let’s keep reading on!

This guide will discuss all in detail waterproof cameras and their usage.

GoPro vs Underwater Camera Comparison

Waterproof camera or GoPro

A waterproof camera is specially designed for use underwater without any external cover up to 10m/33ft . Suppose you use such a camera you no need to spend additional money on the casing.

But if you are going to use a regular camera underwater, you will need a casing. Sometimes It will add more cost than the camera. So it is better to find an optional solution. As another option, you can use iPhone for underwater photography. So you can check here Go-Pro or iPhone for Underwater Photography?

GoPro is a real brand that I like the most.

Normally It can be used both above and under the water. As well as there are improved products and updates rather than other cameras.

If you do anything, GoPro is compatible with you. It is okay for both air and water. But there is a depth limitation.

If you are a blogger or any diver, GoPro is a real solution. It will not need a water protection case, and it can be directly used in water up to 10m. Most waterproof cameras can be used at about 15m depth with additional casing. Using an external cover, most cameras can use more depth, such as 40m. But it depends on the waterproofness of the casing.

Waterproof Camera and GoPro Specifications

In this topic, you can see some most used waterproof cameras compared with the GoPro.

Go Pro Hero 10Olympus Tough TG-6Panasonic LUMIX LX100 IICanon G7X Mark IIISony RX100 VII
Image Quality23MP12MP17MP20.1MP20.1MP
Immerse Depth
(Without Casing)
Size (mm)71 x 55x 33.6113 x 66 x 32115 x 66.2 x 64.2105 x 60 x 41101.6 x 58.1 x 42.8
Wide-AngleYes YesYesYes Yes
StabilityHyper smooth 4.0Digital StabilisationPOWER O.I.S.Digital Stabilzazor
External LightsTo be addedTo be addedTo be addedTo be addedTo be added
LCD2″ 154K px3″ 1.04M px3″ 1.04M px3″ 1.04M px3″ 921K px
Image Resolution5312 × 29883840 × 2160 3840 × 2160 4736 × 35523840 × 2160 
Frame Rate60 fps 120 fps30 fps 120 fps 120 fps
Need External HousingNoNoYesYesYes
Video Resolution5.3K4K4K4K4K
GoPro and Few Underwater Camera Specifications

According to this table, you can see that only two cameras are waterproof without using an additional casing. Other cameras need a waterproof casing around it. So we can’t drop those cameras directly into the water.

So do not misunderstand waterproofing casing and waterproofness. Those are both, and there are different ideas.

  • When you use Panasonic LUMIX LX100 II , Canon G7X Mark III and Sony RX100 VII you will need an additional casing. It will cost more than $500

Most of the products are suitable for underwater photography. But few are waterproof. If a device is suitable for underwater photography will not mean that the device is waterproof.

What Is an Underwater Camera?

Generally, an underwater camera is an electronic device that can take a photo or film a video underwater. It can be used for diving, snorkeling, swimming, marine tasks, fishing, underwater construction, and educational purposes. The most important thing is its waterproofness considering the regular cameras.

Underwater Camera

Is GoPro Underwater Camera?

GoPro is not specialized as an underwater camera. It can be used for both underwater and above-water photography and videos. A GoPro can use for any outdoor purpose due to its waterproofness (10m) and dust tightness.

Underwater Camera and IP Rating

The IP rating is the international protection standard for dust (solid) and water (liquid). So it is common for all below 72.5KV electronic devices. The standard is maintained by the IEC.

Most waterproof electronic device manufacturers follow this IP standard.

IP rating is an identification code. The most waterproof IP ratings are IP68 and IP69. If your electronic device is not rated like above, do not immerse it in the water. But most of the cameras are water-resistant to a certain extent.

Read More About – Mobile IP Rating Explained- What Does It Mean IP68, IP69?

What is a Water-Resistant Camera and Waterproof Camera?

These are two different terms. Normally water-resistant cameras can be used with water. But it can’t immerse in the water, or water will not leak inside when it gets wet. If the water droplets fall on the camera, it will not leak inside. But waterproof cameras can be used underwater. There is no leak up to the designed depth and time.

Before you choose a waterproof or water resistant camera, you should know, how long can a waterproof camera stay underwater.

Waterproof Camera and Waterproof Case

Although most cameras are not waterproof, they can be used in a waterproof casing. The camera can be placed in the casing and it can film outside without any water problems in the water.

Why GoPro is Better Than Underwater Camera?

Normally, GoPro is better for underwater usage than a regular underwater camera due to less weight, less size, no need for a casing, and better image and video quality than other cameras. In fact, it is straightforward to handle anywhere and has high stability in positions.

In fact, it can be used both above or underwater (up to) without having any casing. You can use Olympus Tough TG-6 also for that. But it has lower performance. But it has a better price than GoPro 10

Let’s discuss the most important things we should know about GoPro and other underwater camera.

1. Waterproofness and Price

The most important thing is the waterproofness without any external casing. If you buy a SONY camera for underwater usage, it will cost more than $1000, and for the other accessories, it will cost more than $2000. But GoPro will not cost that much. It will be waterproof for about 10m, and it will cost about $500. That is really affordable for the beginner.

Read More About –

2. Stabilization

When the camera is shaking while recording, it should not feel or see in the video. And Also, if you take a photo and the camera is shaking a bit, it can blur. So GoPro has amazing technology for this. It is with hyper smooth 4.0 technology to maintain the best stabilization.

3. Image quality and Video Quality

We must consider these things also. A GoPro 10 has an incredible 23MP camera, and it can film and photo 5.3K videos and images. Most of cameras do not have this much image or video capacity. And also, it is with 60 fps, and it will give you amazing slow motions (for the 1080P @120 fps). Due to 5.3K, you can capture an image from any frame with higher quality.

When we consider the image quality and background blurry, GoPro has sharp images with amazing background blurry options with extremely high colors. Background blurry is not essential every time. So it affects badly to the user.

When we consider the colour quality, we can see the small low colour quality when you compare it with the SONY.

4. Reliability

When a GoPro is used, there are freezing issues. So you will need to restart it when there is a problem. There is a small problem regarding reliability. When we consider sony, there is no such problem.

Is Go Pro Your Final Choice?

Actually, when we consider the professions, price, waterproofness, diving depth, image quality, video quality, stabilization, handling, and any other performance, GoPro is the best solution for any beginner or intermediate diver. But if you are a professional underwater photographer or videographer, you can use advanced devices rather than GoPro.

Hence I think GoPro is the best solution considering all the above factors.

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