How to Waterproof a Phone? – (07 Tips – DIY)

When we use a mobile phone, we have to use it in any environmental situation. When it is used with water, it can be damaged by water easily. So most mobile phones are manufactured as waterproof. But those are a bit costly. But you can waterproof your mobile phone easily at your home. So let’s see how to waterproof a phone DIY.

These are the simple tips that you can prevent water from leaking inside easily. Most of the materials, and instruments, can be found at home. So keep reading on!

01. Use a Rubber Ballon

Balloon can waterproof a phone
Balloon can waterproof a phone.

This is a simple way to protect your phone at home or in any environmental condition. You can use a condom also for this. Using a balloon is a really wise solution to protect your mobile phone rather than a polythene bag. Because polyethylene bags may not fully seal everywhere, but ballon can be tightened up from the opening well.

You may not able to see the display. But sure, it will protect the device from water leaking inside. You can fix a water-damaged mobile phone easily by using this guide.

Due to the rubber surface, it will not be slippery. You can operate the touch screen and buttons. But visible is not clear much due to balloon material. You can check the time, and any other essential details can be observed. This is a primary protection type, but it is efficient.

  • Solution – Temporary
  • Durability – Low
  • Advantages – Easy to provide, Less cost, Maximum protection, Can operate, Less slippery.
  • Disadvantage – Not seen clearly, Not no physical protection
  • Cost – Less than 1$

What is the IP rating of your phone? Everything depends on that. So you should know about it well. I have explained everything there.

02. Use a Vacuum Sealed Polythene Bag

Vacuum sealed polythene bag for waterproofing
Vacuum sealed polythene bag image source:

If you need to use your mobile phone underwater in your home, the next solution is to use a vacuum-sealed bag. You can use a polythene bag for this. It is pretty transparent, and it will show the display well although underwater. So this is a real solution.

Normally we must think about a few things when we do this.

01. Poltyhtne bag should not be damaged. It must be airtight.

02. When you seal it, there should not be air. Include air will compress, and it will damage the polythene wall when it uses underwater

For the underwater photography, what will be the best, Go-Pro or iPhone

Polotyhne is quickly torn material. So small mistakes can tear or make holes. Be careful when you use these kinds of water protection at home.

  • Solution – Temporary
  • Durability – Low
  • Advantage – Easy to provide, Less cost, Lightweight, Display is visible
  • Disadvantage – Easily damaged, Can be torn
  • Cost – Less than $1

03. Use a Zip Lock Bag

Use zip lock bag to protect phone in water

If you are ready for an underwater task, you can buy this zip lock bag. Ziplock bag is one of the real low-budget solutions. But it can be used anywhere. Ziplock bag comes with well transparent polythene layers. But the layers are thicker, and joints and connections are extremely high.

There are water-resistant and waterproof phones. So you should know the difference between Water Resistance Vs Waterproof Phones

After you put your mobile phone inside the zip lock bag, it will be tight and packed. So you do not need to force to remove inside air. Hence it will be airtight and used underwater easily.

The open area has tightly closed with the zipper. Sometimes there are 2-3 zippers. These zippers can tight the surfaces extremely high. Overall it can provide IPX8 waterproofing capability.

  • Solution – Temporary
  • Durability – Low
  • Advantage – Display can be visible, Low budget, Good temporary solution
  • Disadvantage – Water can be leak through the zipper, Limited volume, Touch screen does not work
  • Cost – $10-$15

04. Use a Waterproof Case

Waterproof phone case
Waterproof case image source:

If you can invest a bit of money for the waterproofing of your phone, you can try with a waterproof case. Waterproof cases are designed as a mobile phone can be placed inside the case. So it is really larger than a mobile phone. But it is a real solution.

The case is manufactured fully sealed from water. Normally this kind of case has an IP68 waterproof rating also. When you use this underwater, your functions will work well. So you can touch the phone underwater. You can access buttons, touch screens, speakers etc.

When you buy a waterproof phone, you should know its limitations.

The phone cases are designed for underwater photography mostly. So clear mages and durable production quality can be expected.

It can be used for scuba diving up to 15m in depth, about 30 mins duration.

  • Solution – Permanent
  • Durability – High
  • Advantage – can access to touch screen and buttons, High-quality images can be captures, High waterproof equipment
  • Disadvantage – Cost is a bit high, Sound will not out clearly
  • Cost – $30- $50

05. Use a Waterproof Pouch

A waterproof pouch will protect your mobile phone easily. It is less cost by considering the Waterproof case. But it is a good solution for the user. There are higher thickness polythene layers are cover the mobile phone, and it has tightly paste each of the layers well.

So water will not leak inside the mobile phone. The top of the pouch has a special mechanism to close the pouch. You can have a lanyard. It will prevent the phone from missing from your hand and prevent going deeper. You will no need to suck inside air after placing the phone inside. Due to less capacity, less air will contain.

  • Solution – Temporary
  • Durability – Less
  • Advantage – Less cost, Easy to use
  • Disadvantage – Touch screen can not work, Not a shock proof
  • Cost – $15 – $20

06. Use a Nano Coating

A nano-coating is used to spray the outer layer of the phone. Nano coating creates a hydrophobic layer. It will reduce the contact angle of the water, and droplets will not get sticky to the surface when it falls. So water will be wiped out easily. The hydrophobic layer can be applied by yourself at home. This is a good solution. But it will not give a permanent solution.

If the nano-coating is damaged, its waterproofness can vanish. So water will not remove quickly. And also, applying the Nano coating on the surface is a bit difficult. Because we should maintain the constant thickness. If someplace is missed, it will stick the water droplets.

The most important thing is, applying nano-coating will not provide a waterproof device. It is a temporary solution, and it can increase water resistance of the water.

Hence applying the Nano coat on the mobile phone is a bit expensive. But I think it is useless.

  • Solution – Water resistance
  • Durability – Until layer is remain on the device
  • Advantage – increse the water resistance, Water can be removed easily
  • Disadvantage – Less waterproofness, Cant be used underwater
  • Cost – $20 – $30
  • Products – MR.FIX9H, GYEON Quartz Q²

H” Rating

When you check these kinds of products, you can observe there is a “H” rating. It will describe the hardness of the material. Roughly 8.5H is equal to drill bit hardness. So most of the liquids are with more than 9H. So higher H will protect your glass from scratch.

07. Use a Vaccum Nano Coating

Nano coating was discussed above. It was applied by humans with any spread method. But Vaccum nano-coating is applied with using the vacuum system. It is a successful way to apply nano-coating better than your hands.

By reducing the pressure and layer is applied because it will adhere the device tightly.

This is also not a permanent solution. Its waterproofing capability can remain few days. After that, it will lose. So it can fail anytime in the water. So do not use these kinds of methods for your devices.

  • Solution – Water resistance
  • Durability – Until the layer remains on the device.
  • Advantage – More efficient than regular nano-coating, More Expensive
  • Disadvantage – Need a machine, High water resistance, Low waterproof
  • Cost – $50 – $60

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